We love chocolate. There. We said it. There are wonderful childhood memories of helping in the kitchen, licking the batter from the “sacred beater,” or peering into a bakery from the street, just to get a glimpse of the treats our mother forbade before dinner. Wildflour Gourmet Baking Company was conceived by a chocoholic whose memories of the comfort of home are invariably triggered by the aroma of a dessert baking in the oven.

Its founder, Jill Friedman, spent much of her childhood on her tiptoes helping her grandmother make her deliciously decadent desserts. Nothing could interfere with her fascination of what was being created just two inches above her head. As the years went by and Jill grew taller, she was able to observe the care with which her grandmother created each of her special treats. Today, Jill displays the same devotion and care while baking in the kitchen.

Wildflour has applied these lessons to every creation that carries its name. Catering to anyone with a sweet tooth, we provide a celebration of taste during the holidays and all year round, for both family and corporate events alike. We take great care in creating decadent and indulgent gift baskets, whether it be for the biggest of organizations or simply the individual who needs something sweet as a reward to the end of a long day. With menus that cater to the individual or group, we are priced to fit any budget for any occasion.

For gourmet gift offerings, you may call Wildflour Gourmet Baking Company at 661-678-5215
Or email jill@wildflourscv.com

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

With Sugar on Top,
Jill Friedman, Owner
Wildflour Gourmet Baking Co.

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